Good morning, I thought today I would explain how I go about working out the spirit heads personalities. There are two aspects to this.

Firstly each animal type has its own traits. These have come from looking at how each animal is seen in various cultures. Many people feel that animals have unique spirits and that these relate to human personalities. Chinese culture is an enormous source of information for this but there are many other cultures that also see animals in a more spiritual way than many of us do.

Secondly I look at the colouring of the heads. Colours suggest emotions and moods and have a huge influence on our lives. While there will always be a degree of personal taste with colours it is well recognised that colours represent traits such as passion, sensitivity, anger and energy.

So using both these things I look at the heads and I start to write. Just simply the way the animal looks at me gives me a feel for their personality, the animal type gives me a base and then the colouring adds in the detail.

This is very much, though well researched, my own thoughts and ideas. I hope that you will be able to find a spirit head that you can relate to in some way ether because it is like you or someone you wish to give it to or because you like the character and simply want them in your life.

I plan in future to do different colour schemes and more animals so if there isn’t one that you feel drawn to just yet please keep coming back. And if you have ideas for specific animals and colours please do get in contact, it’s wonderful to have input from everyone

Becky x